Programs and Groups

Introducing SoulCollage® at Change of Art NH!

Change of Art New Hampshire is proud to announce that it is now offering SoulCollage® to individuals and groups! Diane Larochelle recently completed the facilitator training and is excited to bring SoulCollage® to Southern New Hampshire! SoulCollage® is an intuitive, self-reflective collage process that anyone can do. It is easily accessible and no previous art experience is required to participate.

Everyday SoulCollage® Introductory Workshop                       $40 per person

This workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 from 6-10 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Manchester (669 Union Street). The cost will cover materials and refreshments. Each participant will receive their own SoulCollage® Beginner Kit and will leave with newly made cards.  Participants will learn:
• Foundations of SoulCollage® as developed by Seena B. Frost
• To create cards for your personal deck of cards
• Ways to interact with and use the cards for personal reflection, journaling and   meditation
• Spend time making cards to take home!

Participants should be 18+ (teens ages 16+ may attend but must be accompanied by an adult). It is also recommended that each person bring a personal journal for the reflective writing parts of the workshop.

To register:

Weekly SoulCollage® Group for Personal Exploration        $5 per person per week*

Tuesdays, 6-9 pm in Manchester, NH    Location: TBA  Starts in September 2019!

This ongoing group is for adults (18+) who’d like to learn more about SoulCollage® and how making and interacting with the cards can improve self-awareness and general life satisfaction. The group in guided through the process of making cards, journaling about and with the cards, and learning how to make SoulCollage® part of your daily personal reflection or mediation routine.  Group members should bring their own materials, however, people new to SoulCollage®, can purchase a Beginner’s Kit with advanced notice to the facilitator ($16.95). Additional materials can be purchased through the facilitator. This group is a three-hour journey into card basics and the teaches participants how to use SoulCollage® in their own homes. To register:

SoulCollage® for Professional Development & Teambuilding – Businesses & Organizations (Adults 18+)

SoulCollage® is a prefect way for HR departments, organizations, and groups to foster strong team development, goal setting and communication in your work, school or faith community. This workshop can be adapted to a lunch meeting, short training, or full day training or orientation. The workshop is a low cost, high yield opportunity for employers to create a positive work environment and build a sense of connection and shared goals along with improving workplace morale and satisfaction. It’s also portable so it can be done in almost any work setting! All materials are included in the cost of the workshop.

Pricing is negotiated depending on the length and capacity of the workshop.

SoulCollage® Open Studio Group – Adults 18+   

Studio hours are every other Friday evening from 6:30 – 9 pm starting in August 2019.

This open studio is designed to facilitate the ongoing practice of SoulCollage®.  Participants will have already been introduced to the SoulCollage® process and will use this time, space and materials to further explore and deepen their practice of SoulCollage®. There is a $10 materials fee for participants who do not bring their own materials.

Youth Self Expression Group  – 90 minutes                $65 per child/Limit 10

Group is on Thursday evenings starting in late June 2019 and runs for eight weeks.

This group is designed for children who wish to experiment with art media as a form of self-expression.  Many times children can’t find the words for their experiences and using art, music, dance, or drama can help them to communicate. This class if perfect for 7-11 year olds. All materials included. Please wear clothes that can get dirty with paint etc.

Art Exploration Group for Youth – 75 minutes          $15.00 per child/Limit 10

This class is for children 4-6 years old who may have had limited exposure to art media. In this group, the children will be able to explore various media including painting, drumming/music, and drama games. Parents must attend as partners. All materials included. Please wear clothes that can get dirty with paint etc.

Caregivers and Client Group  – 90 minutes, 6 weeks     $25.00 per team/Limit 12

Caregivers and their clients enjoy this group of music and movement coupled with painting. Clients include persons with development delays, cognitive delays, dementia, older adults healing from surgeries or other illnesses. Caregivers can be professionals or family members/friends. Movement is modified based on the needs of the group. There is a one time materials fee of $10 per person.

Movement, Relaxation & Meditation Group  – 60 Minutes   $10 per group/Limit 12

As adults, we are often leading pretty sedentary lives, especially if we work a 9-5 job in a cubicle. This group is designed to re-introduce adults to the pleasure and benefits of gentle movement as a form of relaxation and meditation. Participants do not need to have any formal training in dance/movement or meditation practices.

This group is held the first Saturday of the month. Next start date is September 2019.

Teen Altered Book Group – 90 minutes, 6 weeks         $45.00 per participant/Limit 10

Do you ever wonder what becomes of old discarded books? Using the altered book art technique, these books can live a second life as they are transformed into works of art. Teens (13-17), will use visual art and writing to create a book that holds their ideas, thoughts, feelings and dreams.  Techniques for turning books into art will be demonstrated in the group. For examples of the possibilities, Google sample altered books.

The next scheduled start date is September 2019.

Personalized Expressive Arts Exploration Guided Experience       $65 per adult

This private individual opportunity for adults who are being called to the arts either because they’ve always wanted to experiment or because they want to return to their artistic roots. This 3- hour experience includes a short consultation to explore interests and ideas and studio time to create. Basic art materials are provided.