Change of Art New Hampshire was inspired by the healing potential of the arts. In the United States, the arts have become commercialized and many people have forgotten the pleasures, relaxation and fun they had when they were younger and freely engaged in the arts. When I ask people to join me in making art, they often respond, “I am not creative” or “Coloring? That’s for kids!.”  I encourage them anyway, just to make one mark on a piece of paper. Perhaps they are not visual artists and prefer to sway to oldies or dance to jazz. Some people are natural performers and can recite plays, speak poetry and tell jokes. Others play an instrument or they have the gift of the Voice.

One question, “When did we exchange our creativity for practicality?

At Change of New Hampshire,  our focus is on the process of creativity and not the product necessarily. We want people to get moving and free up the creative energies in their minds and bodies. For some, just free form painting will do the trick. Collage is a terrific way to set goals and explore barriers to those goals. We are not searching for the next Mozart or Picasso. We will hold the space for your best self to emerge through the arts.


.Diane March 2019

Diane M. Larochelle, MA
Diane Larochelle is originally from New Hampshire and lives in Southern NH.. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental health Counseling with a Specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy. Diane specializes in trauma recovery for people of all ages. She believes strongly in the healing nature of group therapy and community arts to prevent and respond to violence.

Diane worked as an educator for ten years before becoming working in college residence life. She focused much of her work on gender specific programming and crisis intervention while employed at the YWCA NH. At the YWCA, she served as the Criminal Justice Advocate and Education and Outreach Coordinator assisting clients coping with domestic and sexual violence. She also served as a reliable source of information for community members regarding domestic and sexual violence. Additionally, she served as the Assistant Coordinator of the Supervised Visitation Center for two years.

Diane has experience with youth from infancy through college age. Her experience as a teacher reinforced her beliefs that education can make a difference. Currently, Diane combines cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) alongside expressive arts therapy to help clients to understand their challenges, recognize strengths and areas for growth, and to set goals to become the person they wish to be. Diane is trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy for children and is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator.

Diane has training in substance abuse prevention and intervention, trauma studies, and community crisis intervention. She is also an experienced group facilitator and dedicated to community service. She is eligible for NH state licensing as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Diane continues to serve her community on several boards.

Are YOU an artist/leader? Interested in working with Change of Art NH? If you are interested in the vision, mission and goals of Change of Art NH and would like to   collaborate, please call us at 603-867-2924 or email us at changeofartnh@gmail.com.