New Start at Change of Art NH!

Happy New Year from Change of Art NH! We hope that everyone got through the holidays with health, wellness and some happiness. The New Year can bring on stress for some people with all the pressure to make resolutions. I found one that I really liked, The Minimialist Challenge offered by my friend Christine McKenna. It’s quite simple. You choose a month. Each day of that month you throw away that number of items you no longer need or use. So, today, January 5th, I discarded 5 items I no longer need or haven’t used in over six months. I’m kind of worried about the 31st. It’s been pretty easy so far. Today I discarded empty CD cases, small notebooks I picked up at conferences I never used, old holiday decorations I haven’t used in two years, donated old books etc. This is a resolution I can live with and it benefits me and others. Happy New Year and Happy Clean House and Simpler Living!

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